They testify their experience

Christophe D., Master Management Control

In which circumstances did you undertake the steps to VAE?

«I had just been laid off in the context of a redundancy scheme. I undertook steps to VAE to help me find a new job at least the same level as the one I had just left.

I had had a very operational training course, equivalent to a Bachelor, from an institution little known on the labour market, and I was blocked in my professional evolution.

I had to acquire the knowledge core I was lacking, so I chose the Master of Paris-Dauphine for its excellent reputation.»

How did you experience the compilation phase of the file?

«I found it particularly difficult. I chose to be accompanied in order to benefit from advice in writing the validation file as much for the form as for the contents. The supervision also enabled me to resume my different work experiences better, in which in turn also helped me for my job interviews.»

Faced with the jury:

«I was particularly impressed when I was faced with the jury owing to the notoriety of the person in charge of the Master. I had 30 minutes to put my work experience forward and I really ignored what it was worth.

After my presentation, the questions asked were quite general, but nevertheless well targeted in relation with my career trajectory. I replied honestly including when I highlighted my lack of knowledge, which enabled the jury to adapt its decision.

I obtained a validation of about 2/3 of the diploma which was satisfactory i and I am certain I would not have obtained such a level of validation, without the accompanying measures.

The classes I had to validate corresponded well to the knowledge core I had to acquire.»

And then:

«I resumed my studies at Dauphine as a «normal»student in order to validate 3 classes and the dissertation. 

The workload was intense notably due to work in groups which is required, and which necessitates certain availability. However what enrichment!»


«This diploma has been an undeniable advantage to my return to work. Today, and as a first step, I found a post identical to my old job in the activity sector which I had identified as priority.

However, this post, I see and work it differently in view of my new vision of the function and my now complete vision of a company. I have no doubt of my medium-term evolution prospects; knowing that I can now postulate at higher levels of responsibility

I put a lot of hope in this project and at no moment have I been disappointed.»

Florence C., Master In Banking and Finance

What made you undertake a VAE?

«I started a VAE at a time when I felt my career was going to stagnate. Up to then, I thought my experience and my motivation compensated my lack of diplomas. From Baccalaureate to 2 years higher education studies and ITB, for the first time in my career, I was in competition with people with Baccalaureate + 5years higher education studies. This diploma seemed necessary for me to relaunch my career.»

How did the compilation phase of the validation file appear to you?

«How to transpose my work experience into acquired experience? This needed stepping back. I had to reason no longer in an operational way, but question myself on the sense of my work, to register my work in a larger framework. The supervision was essential for me to become aware of the amount of work to supply as well as my weaknesses. The VAE work enabled me to identify my shortcomings, the first of which was a partial vision and one almost exclusively operational.»

What were you impressions faced with the jury?

«Thanks to the supervision, I felt I had been well prepared. I was expecting this and I wanted a partial validation.»

And then, what was the complementary input demanded for the obtention of the total validation?

«Essential! The subjects the jury requested me to follow, were theoretical, this was exactly what I was lacking.»


How do you estimate the place of the VAE (and the diploma obtained) in your professional and personal evolution?

«The most difficult part was the drawing up the written file and the oral preparation of the VAE. I became aware that my professional approach was more directed towards execution than reflexion Thanks to the diploma, I have gained professionalism. Before, I suggested a solution to deal with a file I had already implemented in a previous case, calling on my experience. Now I know there are several methods to deal with a file. I know why certain files are irrelevant and I know how to back the file I propose.»

And if it was to be redone?

«On a personel level, I am now more at ease. I am surrouded by friends and family by highly qualified people and I am delighted to be part of the clan!

I would redo it right away! The training course was a real pleasure! At last, I could put things in relation to people and I am delighted to be part of the clan!»